I’m currently out hunting for a PDA. I’m not a gadget person, but i’m having problems with my huge chunk of name cards, small notes all over the place and a personally human memory operated scheduler. Sites like infosync, Sonystyle and Palm.com.

If anyone is an experienced PDA user or got some knowledge about PDAs to share, do share it with me, else if i buy the wrong one, its gonna be all YOUR fault. hee…

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  1. iPaq + Linksys Wireless PC Card

    You can use an iPaq with a PCMCIA sleeve and slide in a Linksys Wireless PC Card. This is what I use at my house and it works extremely well.

  2. first of all, u need to know which one u r getting, a Palm or a PocketPC…as u noe i aledy had an iPaq now. i would say its a great gadget (though i din really use it much..keke) with some cool stuff integrated inside..so go for PocketPC!
    do visit http://www.pocketpcpassion.com to see some reviews (its quite a messy site)…

  3. G’day Nick,

    How are you mate? Long time no see!
    Guess what! I’ve just purchased a PDA and have to tell you I LOVE IT!

    I have owned a Sharp 64kb for over 10 years now and nearly died when it stopped working for me. All my contacts, passwords pin numbers, bank a/c details, and diary entries gone with no backup!!

    Luckily for me, I managed to take it appart and find that it was simply the “ON” button which was completely worn underneath from all the use it has had. Time for a new one.

    Anyway, getting to the point (finally). I purchased a “Handspring Visor Edge” on special (shop demo) for $230-AUD. It’s compact (about half the thickness of Palm 125), sturdy (aluminium cover) and runs Palm 3.5 operating system (not upgadable – no rom flash memory).

    It enables me be to fully synchronised with my Outlook 2002 mail, notes, calender and contacts. So now both my PC and handheld are always up to date and backed up. The handwriting method is pretty cool “Graffiti”. There are optional extras like modem, extra memory, GPS, etc which make it much bulkier and I don’t think I would ever use.

    I couldn’t justify spending $1000+ on a handheld. So, the “Handspring” was a pleasant surprise when I realised all the things it could do. If you just want a simple handheld to store your contacts, etc. this is probably worth a look.

    Hope it is of some help.



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