This is the official invite for ROJAK 2. I presented on the first one, but might not be able to make it to the second one cuz hosting a 80pax birthday party of my girl’s 1st Birthday.

ROJAK 02 is coming real close! Here’s an invite for the house party on next Saturday, 10 September. Thanks to Eeshaun ( for the brilliant artwork!

The Address this time is 683A East Coast Road (Beside Cheese Cake Cafe, Above the tyre shop, Come up from the Back) hosted by exROJAK presentor Tiah Nan Chyuan.

Here is the lineup for the night!

1. Kaw Jon Kher
In Search of Maxwell’s Demon

2. Grace Tan
The Study on Rectangles

3. Lor Jian Hao
Contruction Privacy

4. Darren Soh
While You Were Sleeping

5. Genevieve Chua
Morning Drawings

6. Pan Yi Cheng
The Peripheral Stadia Typology

7. Daniel Lim
The Things You are Likely to Miss

8. Tay Kheng Soon
Relooking our Identity and Culture

9. Jean Tsai
Commerce meets Creativity

10. Erica Lai

For more details, visit the FARM at ROJAK is all about SHARING so please come with drinks, ideas and your friends too. Do start coming in by 9pm as the Presentation starts 10pm.



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ROJAK is a nonprofit private event

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