See plane…

thepans @ RSAF Open House 2006

Personally i’m not really into planes, but i remembered my dad bringing us when we were small to the air plane thingy, so i reckon it would be fun for the girls as well.

Clié the helicopter

Clié the helicopter!

big fat plane

The big fat plane.

smelly smelly

I told Clié this is the air plane’s backside. haha…

Clié with fighter jet

This is the plane that makes all the noise in our skies… they look neat.

thepans in big fat plane

Don’t we look like we are being evacuated or something.

For the record, being parents is a difficult job. We are busy working, but we would also like to make time to spend quality time with our lovely children. But whats there to do on a low budget? If you’ve got ideas or websites to point me too, i’ll really appreciate that.

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