Painting Clothes

Cleo the painter
Cleo the happy painter

There are small little stuff that we do with our girls sometimes. Play with toys, read books, bring them out, do some art and craft, etc. This time, inspired by some detergent point of sales thingy we saw at a super market, we decided to create clothes and hang them up on a string. We did this like sometime in october 06.

The painted clothes
From left: Cleo’s, Mommy’s, Clié’s, Daddy’s

This is the final out come of a mornings worth of arty fartyness and i think its quite cool. As the little ones go quite wild with their painting, all i did was add a thick black border on top of what they have done… and wahla!! Cool clothes. Its way fun.

the painters
The Girls

They do fight at times, but mostly they love each other loads. You can see Cleo hugging Clié for a picture and the view is just priceless for us parents.

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