7 Replies to “Merry Christmas to all!”

  1. merry (late) christmas

    do you have a copy of the newspaper with that picture? my mom would like to take a look.

  2. merry christmas n a joyous new year to you n your family! good health n filled with His love n grace. Amen!

  3. Hi, i’m michelle, currently looking for a web host. Would you recommend me some reliable ones, as i need to get one soon to do up for portfolio for an internship.

    Thanks, and do drop me a mail if it’s not too much of a trouble. (:

  4. Hi I have been visiting clie’s blog since before cleo was born :) Anyway I know this sounds a little weird to post here but I’m actually thinking of selling away my childhood Enid Blyton books – those medium sized ones with 15 or so short stories inside. My parents bought them for $5.90 each and I’m thinking of selling away 27 of them for $75 (together or individually). They are in pretty good condition, just a little yellow at the sides due to age. I thought they will be pretty suitable reads for clie and cleo when they get slightly older. I can send photos/book titles of them if you want. :) Have a nice day! -ee min [email protected]

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