Nemo on Ice

thepans at Disney on Ice - Finding Nemo

We brought the kids to Disney on Ice – Finding Nemo. Other then it being expensive, the experience was quite interesting.

The show totally captivated our kids and they were trying to see what was happening. If you saw the movie, you will be able to tell that the whole performance is the same as the movie, but just with people with ice skates on trying to be like fishes.

The costumes were way cool and the set and props are really awesome. Would i recommend anyone to go see it? nope. But just for the kids, then maybe.

3 Replies to “Nemo on Ice”

  1. looks like you’ve already found your “Nemo” right in front of you. Glad your family enjoy it, Cheers!

  2. i just saw the blog site for your daughter, cleo, and i immediately recognised that uniform! i went to that kindergarden when i was little too! oh my! the uniform is still the same, i loved it when i was younger. it’s so cute.

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