my Black Apple

After my pc crashed in mid January i’ve been checking my emails using my webmail, resizing images with GIMP from my office laptop. Its quite tough not having a machine to work with… its even tougher not having a machine at all.

I have already decided long ago that i will no longer buy a desktop for personal use as we are now in the wireless age. However… Mac or PC, Black or White?… the decision was easy i have to say, but suppressing myself from proceeding was tough. I kept telling myself that i don’t need a laptop as i can just use my office one, i tell myself i should not spend this kinda money, i told myself i can do without it, i told myself i don’t have time for it, i told myself i’ve got to spend alot more just on software… i told myself to preserver, i told myself alot of things… i was constantly in a daze…

I gave up after 2 months… i succumbed… now i tell myself another set of stories. Lame stories.

The truth. I invested in myself. And i’m now a happy man. Time now to save up for software.

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