Group photos of Clié, Cleo and Clara just before they go out every time

So its been about 10 months now and my little #goingout project is going on consistently. Its really easy because my lift lobby have good lighting in the morning and a spacious studio like wall. So while my wife and helper get ready all the logistics before we can go out, we use this time to try out interesting poses and funny expressions.

Now, my daughters take it as a routine already and they all will automatically get in line to take a picture. Imagine 5 years later. I hope we can keep this up.

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  1. Love seeing your #goingout posts on instagram. I tried doing the same with my 22mths since few months back, but she refused to give me a proper shot every time. Girls are so much fun together! Can’t wait for No. 2 to come and grow up.

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