Ikonboard v.3.0

Ikonboard v.3.0 would have to be the best full featured free cgi Discussion Board out on the net now, just check out some of its features:

  • Complete administration control
  • Full moderation features
  • Assign moderation features on a forum per forum basis (*Ikonboard v3.0)
  • Allow guest posting on a forum per forum basis (*Ikonboard v3.0)
  • Intergrated Messenger
  • Polls (*Ikonboard v3.0)
  • Post Icons to represent the ‘mood’ of the post (*Ikonboard v3.0)
  • Track Topics via Email (*Ikonboard v3.0)
  • User control panels for ease of use (*Ikonboard v3.0)
  • Protected Forums to allow entry to specific users, user groups of protect via a password
  • Encrypted passwords for greater security (*Ikonboard v3.0)
  • .. and lots more!

I am so going to implement it for CNL, UrbanPlayground and probably setup a new site for Singapore freelance web-designers.

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