my beloved Granpa

My Grandpa is in the hospital for quite a few days now. After his mild stroke in 1999, he have been having problems walking and all this while the once healthy and independent man became bed-ridden and treated like a patient who’s diet is very redundantly control by his ever naggy spouse. A recent check showed some growth in his stomach and news like that can never be good. I don’t know of the details, but the thought is enough to send me thinking of what i should do as a grandson, what should i say, what can i do?

My Grandpa is a reserved man, a man with integrity and a person who tries to enjoy the simpler things in life. Although there were times in my childhood where he used to chase my cousins and I with a wet towel and lashing it at us as if we were slaves that did some grave mistake while not knowing what it was, but still, I have great respect for my Grandpa. He is the one person I think I understand best in the family and yet he is also the one I have least dialogues with. All I can ask is for him to stay strong and for God to watch over him.

Tommorow I will be going to visit him in the hospital, hopefully it will not be wierd and that he can feel the love and respect that exists in a non-verbal way.

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