september freo

dezzo taste of sunglasses?Pearl and Hazeldezzo looks out into the vast ocean

We (dezzo, hazel, pearl & me) went to Fremental on saturday, had fish and chips for lunch, then went to the flea market for a walk and as usual its trigger happy time. dezzo brougth us to have ice-cream and we talked about lots of wierd stuff, lazy names (names when pronouced won’t make your tongue hit your teeth & don’t have the “sssss” or “keh” kinda hardworking sounds), recycling used cargo containers as compact urban dwellings (high-class squatters) and the girls were apparently talking about boring stuff like shopping *yawn* ha ha… :) We then ended the day with a visit to the light house at Fremental Port. As you can see, that is one big ass sign board.

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