Its week3

*yawn* i’m kinda tired these few days, dunno why… maybe my lazy bones are rejecting the pace of school. Its week 3 now.

Have been spending alot of time on UrbanPlayground. Been trying to know the members, on the forum itself and also on IRC #bladers & #art_of_rollin. I’m getting to know more people in the local skate scene and thats good. We have even formed a project group to create a new website with a big vision for our local skate scene.

Now we have 10 people involved, people with different talents and skill sets, graphic design, administration, technical people, web savvy people, irc savvy people, journalism, photography, every single one sharing the same passion for our skate culture. Its exciting, now we are coming up with a name and brainstorming for content on that site and also getting people on the ground to cover related events.

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  1. yo nick! i’ll be sending u the photos thru MAIL on monday.. so check your snailmail box!

    and u know eggs?? he’s my sec school band mate..
    i told him his site needs a makeover though. haha

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