I’m depressed, very depressed. My mind is filled with Joshua Davis, token & mschmidt. Can you imagine people like them are actually coming to Singapore this weekend for Fresh Conference 2002 Singapore. DAMN!!! I’M SO IN PERTH!!! *sob*

I’m just glad my cousin is going for the two days with his digi cam, i hope he brings extra memory sticks and batteries. I’m going to be so into Singapore news for the next couple of days.

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  1. i feel so left out… why is this turning into a IT blog? sigh…

    ya i miss sg too…so depress… miss my “sisters” @ CP…wahahha


  2. i wanted to go to the conference too man..
    but i think it costs more than half my NS pay… so i had to give it a pass..
    you should buy IdN magazine.. i’m sure they’ll have reviews of the conference in their next issue.

  3. btw just alittle OT. I saw kubrick’s TOFU Master toys design by Devils Robot ( one of the guess speakers for FC ) on sale below my shop.. damn tempting.. was to buy it but it cost $45 for 5 small kubrick figures..

  4. Woohoo!! Joshua Davis actually was kind enough as to sign my copy of the praystation CD i bought! see it here! -grins-

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