on Romance

on Romance

She holds my hand warmly as we both headed for the bench on a small dock by the river in the Friday morning sun. The seagulls were resting, the people in the café was having breakfast, its oh so peaceful. Across the river where the city was, people are busy with their work and looking forward for the weekend, but here we are, relaxed, unhurried, like the gentle ripples that caress the shallow shoreline.

We looked at seabirds drying their wings, jellyfish bobbing mindlessly and had light topics that I can’t even remember now. Everything was nice. I look forward to grow old with this gift from above.

14 Replies to “on Romance”

  1. Sooo… saccharine. How i wish i can grow up faster and get married with my bf. We want to grow old together too!

  2. nick…didn’t know that you were so romantic……
    anyway…..keep it up….
    all the best to you and pearl

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