Life after Uni

I’m going into a transition phase now, the strange sadness of every step in uni is like a volunteering conscious dejavu. Every view is like deserving sweet memories and I’m trying to grasp hold on to them tightly knowing that my life and this place of education for me will never be like this anymore. Standing at this crossroad, not wanting to move forward, I’m like a silly cat holding onto a ball of paper afraid of loosing something dear. I still have to make a choice and the new phase in my life would still have to unfold.

I’ve short listed a few paths that I might want to take in the next stage of my life and this dreaded anxiety to make a committed choice is haunting me with possible regretful thoughts later in my old age. Although I’m 26 this year, I feel young and old at the same time. Young in a sense because I’m just stepping out of my education life and have yet to really start living my life. And old in a sense as I’ve yet to achieve or contributed anything at all, not knowing how much time I really have left.

I’ve short-listed a few paths that I might want to take and they are as follows:

Business � If I’m gonna be a businessman, the main aim would be to earn lots of money so that I can have the freedom to actually do what I want, but the means to earn those money would be mainly accredited to goodwill and integrity. At the same time, I would like to be a positive influence to my staff and be the kind of boss that is like a friend and establish a sort of kinship with their families.

Academic � If I’m successful to make it in the business world, I’ll very much like to use the experience that I have gained to teach and be an influence to the younger generation. And when not teaching, I would love to do research and introduce concepts to try and improve society in anyway that I can.

Web Developer � I’ve always enjoyed being in a team of passionate individuals who take work as play and get paid while doing it. Life can be a blast when projects are completed and when the team hangs out as friends.

Internet Advocate � The Internet culture and sub-cultures are way too cool. I’m hoping to follow the footsteps of my web heroes.

If you know me, I would love to hear your advice.

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  1. a toast to nick&pearl’s graduation! I wish you both wonderful success and many good years to come. Pray and seek God for direction and He’ll lead you in paths that are straight. So many options you have there!

    I have not even thought where or what I would like to do! Maybe I’ll become a fartitect. Lotsa air and and bad smell! :)

  2. Well…..congrates to you and pearl in finally finishing and moving on to the next phase in your lives.

    Anyway….no matter what you do as for your career, you should really do something that you like and treasure the job opportunities that comes your way.

    Wishing you all the best in your future plans, and hope that all you dreams may come true.

  3. hmmm… how come being a full time bummer is not on ur list? darn…

    now where am i gonna find company when i grad then?


  4. oh so u r hinting that u wanna do construction business ah? mm.. I support ur P.C.K ideal. :D very good.. young man who likes to build have good future. sure will do best in Singapore and JB.

  5. hallo nick..i think u should do business…earn lots of money and retire young then you’ll be able to do the rest of the stuff you like with the time and money you have :)

  6. hey

    so obvious man… be an internet advocate dude… keep the fire burning, keep the dreams alive… keepin it real bro.

  7. Harlow! Thanx for leaving a comment on my Xanga site…it’s true how i tend to think too deeply into things sometimes…it’s usually for a positive cause, but in this case it isn’t and i guess it’s cos there are so many complications involved. The beginnings of our r/ship wasn’t exactly a smooth one, but i’m glad things are clearing up…the night after i left that entry i poured everything out to Jason…in tears and alcohol (hahaha). Again it was really dramatic but at least i got everything off my chest and we can move on. :)

  8. i can’t say i know much about all this, but my 2cents worth: do sth you enjoy, but don’t forget about the family ($). :D

    jia you!

  9. my last sem too. can’t decide what to do too. web developing always seems like a very exciting field, always something new, something you haven’t done too. nv boring.

  10. watever path u choose im sure u’ll do just great cuz ur sure one interesting/geeky/sentimental/funny/idealistic dude!!! :P

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