Rising Straw Solution

I believe a lot of people have faced the much dreaded Rising Straw Problem when the bubbles in a soft drink causes the straw to rise automatically and in turn strange evasive actions can be seen around the dinning table. I am glad to announce that this major problem during social meals have been solved.

Rising Straw Solution

The above diagram illustrates the strategic position a straw should take when inserted into a normal fizzy can drink. If this tip have helped you in anyway, pls send your donations to nickpan and tell all your friends about it. Together we can solve all the world’s problems.

10 Replies to “Rising Straw Solution”

  1. yo nick, what happened to the video captures for blading in sg? sorry I couldn’t stay on the net, had to finish off my exam mind map. would you accept credit, cash or cheque?

    BTW alfe, straw important, more hygienic. cans are dirty esp with all that transportation on trucks with dirt.

    once again, cable’s great! amazing stuff

  2. glad to see your solution to one of mankind’s greatest problem…

    so how should we tackle the rising straw problem facing bottled drinks now? damn… we need another genius…


  3. very very cool.

    ask terence… his theory is that the metal thing is supposed to cover the “drink hole” so you don’t cut ur lip while drinking from it..

    erm.. yeah…

  4. the damn ring is there for you to make a hole in the can, so you can drink outta it~!

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