Before leaving Perth, i sold my 17 inch CRT monitor in hopes of upgrading to a LCD or a flat screen CRT monitor, but after a brief market survey, i think i’ve narrowed my options down to a 17 inch flatscreen CRT maybe a Sony or a Sumsung. hmm… more research is needed before i’m back online at home.

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  1. this is so totally NOT relavant to flat screen monitors but

    Nick and Pearly WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. how did you arrive at your conlcusion after your brief market sruvey? I mean what made you decide to choose CRT over LCD?

  3. fyi, there’s gonna be a warehouse sale at the church office building tomorrow till sunday. the postert said that they have lcd monitors from $599. is that supposed to be cheap?

  4. I got a 17″ Sony Multiscan E230 ;D

    I do like LCD’s but a CRT is a fraction of the cost, so a poor unemployed dude like me is not able to indulge in luxuries such as LCD monitors. I also share my cousin’s view that LCDs are still a novelty item. Also when i compare the quality of the image produced, i think CRT is better for computer monitor usage, i think LCDs are better for TVs. ;D

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