I love the Bathroom

I’m now in the bathroom products business and I have to say Singaporeans’ have not seen squat!

Singaporeans’ are now more interior design savvy and the renovation / remake market is doing well, especially with many new young designers. Just go to any news stand and count how many interior design magazines are there and trust me you will be surprised.

The bathroom to me is the second MOST important place in a home (second to the computer room that is). I mean it does not only have a very functional role in the home, but it also says alot about a person. The bathroom is filled with personal stuff, from contact lenses, pills, facial wash, shavers, tweezers, even rubbery stuff that determine the future of the household.

So, how nice is your bathroom? I mean is it like basic HDB issued kind or is there some kind of character in that little transaction room? Usually it’s the richer people that can be bothered, but is it because they can even be bothered about things like that, that actually set them apart from the rest of us?

To me, I’ve already started shopping for my bathroom for my new house which should be ready in the second half of next year and trust me, it will be oh so nice.

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  1. glad to hear that dude… now you know how great it feels to be in ur own business.. I gotta feelin you’r goin thru what I have been feelin rite now.. workin for smth u believe in… man it feels so much better than just sitting infront of ur computer and meeting freelance design datelines rite. We have been doing too much of that.. time for a change..

    business makes you feel that the world is your oyster.

  2. I was going to do my thesis on designing a toilet, but my teacher disagreed and said it was too small. THAT I disagree with.

  3. the toilet business is booming tts for sure…i have been in the toilet business since i know i have to shit in designated places…

    even as we speak i believe that thousands are on their way or in the process of bombing their own hiroshimas or nagasakis…

    tts it… shit for life… shit more… support shitting… the more u shit the more money our shit facilitator can earn…. yeah!!!


  4. I’m remind of the blog agnes mentioned about all toilets in japan with the flush buttons on the floor – foot operated. That way hygiene is considered.

  5. Actually foot operated flushes are a good idea, but cleaning is a problem if the mechanisms are mounted on the floor. But i think the Jap ones are normal flush valves, just that its low enough for you to use your feet to operate it.

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