The burden is getting stronger and stronger. Day in day out, I’m thinking of how to increase sales and fast, how to make the business more profitable, what strategies can I come up with such little resources. I’m trying to think out of the box, trying to create a miracle, trying to prove that the impossible is possible, trying to beat them at their game with their rules.

Even when I’m out of office, it still feels the same, the physical location of my person no longer make any difference when my mind is fixed onto what I have to do in the office. I started out telling myself “although this is a family business, but don’t get yourself too personally involve as that is not professional”, “don’t let your feelings affect your decision making”.

Its difficult, I want to do more, I want to put in more hours, I want to see results then rest, I don’t want to look at the rewards, I want to take the risk. But practically, I can’t, at least at this point in time. We all have got to set our priorities right and juggle the very little time we have.

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