i need a company name

Hi friends & relatives & relatively friends,

As you all might know i’ve been in the web design scene for quite sometime now & the time is right now for me to start my own little web company. But i believe setting up a business for success is not as easy as it seems, so i’m asking for a little help from all of you with my first little obstacle. THE COMPANY NAME!

Do give me some ideas / suggestions, i’ll really appreciate it.

Thanks. ;D

13 Replies to “i need a company name”

  1. i kinda like Nickpan.com – u know its juz u!!! one e otherhand something abstract would be cool – juz like my bluecolander

  2. howabout “nickpanning.com”
    nickpan does what nickpan does best – nickpanning!

    actually, nickpan.com can be the company name and company image, and nickpan.com/weblog can be the blog?

  3. hey how bout

    “This company needs a Name” company
    “The Nicholas Pan Web Experience”
    “Something Corporate”
    “Under Construction”
    “work in progress”


  4. how about ‘PNC Webmaster’ or ‘Webmaster PNC’ or ‘NPC Webmaster’ or ‘mbss webmaster’ or ‘webmaster nick international’

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