For those who still remembered (which is something quite different now when i checked recently), Friendster is its successor. I think its growing real fast by looking at the number of people uploading real photos of themselves and linking their friends.

There are only 2 possible destiny for the site, either it pops like or it gets better each day and bandwidth becomes a problem. But there are differences between the 2 sites. One exsited when the Internet was really young and thats when people are trying everything and generally don’t behave normally. But now, Friendster is in an era of the internet where many people have e-mails, know what instant messengers are and probably have some sort of a web presence somewhere, hence might not treat websites like Friendster as a toy, but really as a tool as it was set out to be.

Lets wait and see.

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  1. Yeah, i absolutely agree with Dezzo. Damn true! It’s getting more n more popular with people and i am one member myself, but everytime i log-in, i fear that my IE will crash becos of very low bandwidth. I just hope members there dun abuse the freedom of what they can do.


  2. hee.. i mentioned to my friends on friendster.. and they were like WHAT?! that was like years ago, and i’m glad i’m not the only dinosaur out there who knows abt it.

  3. Hey Nick, what effects did you use in photoshop to create that graphic of yourself? I’ve been trying to do something like it but can’t get the right combination?

  4. I dun really like dis kinda site…my classmates are like signing up to join it..i find it sumtimes dumb..i dunnoe why also O_O lolx…heh nice edited image nick. hmm is yr email werking? emailed ya and didnt get a reply…

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