close to the limit

I’ve been to my school workload limit and school physical limit before and i think i’m coming very close to them once again. Too many things, too little time, too little rest, too difficult… the problem is i don’t wish to give up and believe i can push on… at least until my body gives physically… then again that might not be so wise.

I’m already saying no to projects coming my way (unless its really very good paying i might still have a look at it hee…). I’m really loosing out time with my little family… CliĆ© has started walking now and i so wish to see more of that… I spent a good 20mins just talking to my wife, i thought nothing of it till she told me late at night that she really enjoyed talking to me… talking to a friend… darn! i know my priorities, but sometimes its so difficult to keep to them…

There are so many interesting projects in my vicinity… a friend that wants to do this, an idea i want to do there, a concept that needs developing, a design competition that i really want to join… a portal i wanna build… darn… i need a long holiday, a very long holiday to do all the projects i wanna do… I’ll stop bitching here now.

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  1. Nick,
    I know the feeling. But like friends and family keep telling learn to SAY NO! And yes plsss go on that holiday – work hard, play hard!!! Go on on a short island trip – M’sia East coast is monsoonal now, but perhaps the W. coast, also thailand.

    You need to get away with Pearl. Recharging is ESSENTIAL, otherwise you jus go bonkas!!!

  2. with that amount of passion you need to jump in the river and swim instead of wading by the shore. Then again it’s about balance,

    here’s a story about an architect’s passion gone astray..

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    At 31, Glen Small was a rising star. At 61, he barely escapes financial ruin. The current drama is revealed: what happens toward the end of a dreamer’s life when his dreams are still unfulfilled? Where and when will his statement of architectural genius finally be made – now or never?

  3. we r all busy, and once in a while I will browse ur site.. somehow in an ironic way, thats how we electronically catchup even w/o physically meetin. i guess being busy is all part of our life.. so when I read the stuff on ur site I am glad dat you are not wasted, u are writing smth be it negetive bitchin or not, its still something … 20mins of quality talk is better than nutin.. I like the part about talkin to a fren, a wife is like a good fren, I second dat. I think ur doin great..

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