Guang Zhou Pix I


Residential skyline of Guang Zhou.


Bejing Lu mall.


The Fair.


Back alley.


Street Vendors.


Cool Jeep.


Factory visit at Pan Yu.


Guang Zhou subway.


Long bus rides was common to travel to towns out of the city. The mountain at the back is “Fo Shan” where “Wong Fei Hong” is from.


Looking for jobs?


Night scene in Kai Ping.


Sleeping arrangements in a small town. I have to say my bunk in army was way better.


Padi fields behind factories.


There is a sense of feeling that the city is growing faster then it can catch up with itself… what ever that means… i like the subtle art in urbanism.


Breakfast chinese fastfood style, “chee chong fun” with soya bean drink for 5 RMB = SG$ 1.

More photos to come as the trip develops.

I miss my girl.

6 Replies to “Guang Zhou Pix I”

  1. she is not more the ” bored at home” girl now she is happily playing with Carissa all the time when they are together …holding each other’s hand …drinking and eating together … having lots of fun fun fun … :D she is so happy ;p

  2. Looking forward to the day you touch down in Singapore, which is ??? I heard from from some Chinese friends that Guang Zhou is just like a an industrial state with factories everywhere. Some areas look like Hong Kong to me.

  3. a glimpse of a day in the life of nick the travelling business man. hehe. very cool.

    i must say that those beds look like they hurt more than they’re theraputic (at least that’s what they usually say about hard mat beds like that!).

  4. enjoy looking thru the photos, eye opening. the breakfast don’t look so good thou. eek! would be close to what i have in mind. but then again, we wouldn’t want them to say we look down on them right….heheh

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