The world with its hustle and bustle passes before our eyes daily and for a moment we envy those with an iPod when those trendy white headphone cables stare at you with temptation on public transport. Traveling to work alone the mind wonders, the eye wonders and we can’t help but wonder… Is financial freedom a fantasy? What can we do to be rich? Will we ever enjoy work? Do we even matter? Is there even an answer?


Solitude, we feel like as if we are the only one in the world. What about ME? What about MY life? What about MY aspirations? When will things go MY way? Will there ever be an answer to such self-centered queries? Is it so wrong to be just slightly self-centered when there is rape and murder going on in our society?

Don’t give me a philosophy, don’t tell me about our society, don’t tell me about hormones, you are not the one feeling it, YOU are IRRELEVANT.

There is a void.

There is a void that needs to be filled.

There is a void that needs to be filled by a superior force and maybe God is the answer… maybe God is an illusion… maybe God is a form of denial… maybe God is calling… maybe God is the only answer… maybe the world is an illusion… maybe the world is a form of denial… and if God is the answer, then maybe God will do something about me… maybe this Christmas? Maybe there is more than just solitude…

5 Replies to “Solitude”

  1. > what can we do to be rich?
    you are rich, it’s just that you don’t realize it.

    p.s. i have an iPod, and things money can buy. but you have the things money can’t buy.

    again. you are rich!

  2. maybe, just maybe one day we will come to realise who we truly are.

    then maybe we will understand true solitude.

    and then maybe we will understand what we truly need.

  3. you are rich. just look at clie and cleo and pearl. you have everything that you could ever wish for.
    i have an ipod, but i sleep alone at night ;P

    trust God. He has plans for everyone of us. in Him you will find your solitude.

  4. Well Nick, God has blessed you with things that money can’t buy. Here’s also an opportunity that has made some Singaporeans who were bold enough to take up this opportunity to be financially free. My family personally has finally gained financial freedom, and would also like you, to achieve it.
    Just drop me a msg yea? I’ll be glad to explain and share this with ya

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