Grapevine Brownie


The brownie at Grapevine is killer! When served, the brownie is hot and soft and melts in your mouth while the ice cream is cold and the juxtaposition is a killer combination.

But the problem of such a combination is that the ice cream would have mealted and bcome soggy when you are half way thru the brownie. So we have came out with a solution. If there are 4 persons having the brownie, we will then order 1 in every 10mins! So we will always have it the way its suppose to be!

Now for the first one. ATTACK!!!


We (Jon, Anne, Pearl and myslef) only had 2 tonight, but i think we will be visiting Grapevine quite often. If you do see us there, do say hi.

780 Up Serangoon Rd #01-07
Singapore 534649
T: 62805026

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