Web Design Tution

Hi, i was thinking of teaching Web Design in a Tution format. Anyone interested to learn?

Basically it will be for 3 groups of people.

1. Graphic Designer
Someone who is trained in Photoshop and print design but wishes to learn how to create websites. I’ll show them how to do HTML, some CSS, FTP. Walking away from the training, the individual will be able to start creating websites after the training.

2. Web Developers
There are also alot of people who do good HTML and use things like Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Text Editors, etc. I’ll show them the imporance of XHTML, the power of CSS, how to use photoshop to create graphics for the websites, etc.

3. Blogger
Some one who has no training at all but wishes to blog. I’ll show them how to setup a blog, cuztomise it, add links, etc… Then after the Tution, they will be able to start blogging, add photos to their blog site, etc. Or for a current blogger who wishes to make their blog site more happening, but have yet to figure how to go about doing it.

For 1 and 2 i will be training these individuals and possibly be giving them freelance work in the future as many of you know i run Span Design.

Personally i’ll classify myself as a hybrid web designer, as i’m comfortable with coding and yet due to work, i’m quite experience in graphic design. Other than trying to earn some extra money to feed my girls, i just wish to make more friends and hopefully have a team of people that i can work with in the future.

Anyway… feedback and comments are welcomed, so do post your comments.

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  1. Hi Nick,

    If anything ever comes up please let me know. I may be interested in taking up some classes to sharpen my web skills. Cheers!


  2. Hi Nick,

    My name is Lynus, I’m a Certified Adobe Instructor @ ISDT. I was wondering if you are keen on teaching Dreamweaver short courses at our school.
    Drop me an email.

  3. hi Nick,
    i am looking for someone to design a online shopping web. Guess you did . May i know how much the cost? as i have a budget. Looking forward to your reply.

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