Deadly combo

There are a few types of people in this world that I struggle to not place them on my hate list. I would very much like to love everyone and treat everyone the same, but there is this group of people that are giving me a real hard time. They possess what I call the “Deadly Combos“.

Inferior Complex + Egoistic – This group of people have a serious case of schizophrenia of sorts. They behave very reserved, overly self conscious, extremely quiet when faced with situations that they don’t understand or avoid topics which they feel they can’t comprehend. They even go out of the way to avoid their good friends. Then another part of them behaves very egoistically as if they are the king of their world, they use vulgarities as punctuations, they condemn others to make themselves feel better and fundamentally lack the basic level of politeness. Due to this combination, they will NEVER ask for help due to their ego and they seriously NEED help on their Inferior Complex, but hey this is a deadly combo, hence in a way is quite self detrimental. Very extremely difficult to help and be a friend to.

Rich + Ignorant – They are rich, hence attained certain level of financial success, hence they feel the are correct. If you are not richer then them, they expect you to take advise from them, cuz their value system is somewhat more… valuable. When they are proven wrong, they deny it, when you are happy with your modest way of life, they think you are a fool. How do we even start to be friends with people like that? I think Matthew 19:24 says it best “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

God help us!

Have you come across other “Deadly Combos“?

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  1. deadly combos are seen at almost everywhere I go. it’s hard to keep my temper and my hands by my sides. I feel so badly to want to strike them at times. then again, I could be one of the new catergories in ‘deadly combos’ :)

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