I don’t really know much about KLM, except back in the days when i was working in Asiaone where i did a few banners for them. Anyway, now its many years later and when i had a look at their website i was blown away. It looked very much like a table design, but there was no tables in sight when i looked into the source code. Then when i decided to have a look at their site on 800 x 600, IT SNAPPED! Its beautiful… very beautiful…

KLM 1024 x 768
1024 x 768 screens

KLM 800x600
800 x 600 screens

I’ve so gotta strip this site and see what makes it tick.

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  1. Now who is in the creative industry and who is in the legal industry! ok,so you wakeboard and maybe not so nerdish… but hey stick and stone will break my bones but words will make me sue you. :P

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