So whats up with your life now adays other then work Nick?

Nothin much… work, home and the girls…




Clié-the-vain-and beautiful-Pan

No time to blog… hope these images will brighten your day.

13 Replies to “Girls”

  1. Hi Nick! Your girls look so adorable! I am an avid reader of your girls’ blogs since Clie was born.

    Hey currently i have an outstanding position of Web Developer. Im wondering if you know of anyone who could fill in the vacancy.

    If you dont mind, please contact me. Thanks so much! God Bless!

  2. hi nick, i love these pics of yr girls. What camera did u use to take them? btw, i borrowed yr craft idea of making slippers out of cardboard and my daugther, Lorreign loves them. anymore craft idea to share?

  3. i also felt that the pics were damm clear. super clear maybe he used the nikon zoom in camera or something else…..

  4. Hey Cindy, i have a normal digital camera, but i used image editting software to touch up & sharpen some of the images.

    Hey if you have made those customised slippers, pls send me pictures!!! i would love to see them.

  5. oh yarr, if you are a friend of edmund, can pls tell him to do a good job as a lecturer. all his students dun know what he teaching about and is quite serious when students dun learn anything at all.

  6. eh nick, i thought i saw you in SIS earlier with your daughter yea? i was changing my 838Pro whilst you’re doing your 818Pro, think that’s you *wave* :)

  7. Cleo looks kinda malay in the pics, maybe cos of her super long eyelashes. Hmmm… Clie looks so pretty.

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