Coffee, Rain and Vivo

Romance at vivo

Its been a long time since Pearl and I took time off for ourselves. This time, we took leave the day after Christmas to just chill and spend time with one another. No plans… just chilling out with each other.

Went to Vivo, thought of catching a movie, but nothing nice, so we ended up flipping magazines at Pacific Coffee. We sat outside and its beautiful. The cool rainy weather, the warm gourmet coffee, the perfect setting for a perfect day with my perfect woman.

Its nostalgic. We spent alot of time during our dating days at the World Trade Centre (currently known as Habourfront). This place is in between where we used to stay. She stayed at West Coast and i stayed at East Coast, hence this place was where we changed bus, the place we hanged out most of the time after classes… those were wonderful days. The care free days. The romantic days. The girl i loved… now the woman i love.

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  1. life is good?

    sidenote: i’ve been thinking about joining this marines officer program. feel free to impart advice since you’re one of the few military men i know. :]

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