coming soon…


I tried registering in early Jan 2005, but did not manage to get it then. I’ve since been monitoring it and after 2 years, now i own it, i own Yay! so… what shall i do with it? hmm…

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  1. Hi Nick,

    I have been looking at your sites for a long while, This time round just cant help but drop a note to you that you’e got two great beautiful daughters. And this post abt Cleo goin to school is realli touching. Imagine how fast she will grow from now on. That cheeky wink? She’s telling you, “Hey, Don’t worry, Im gonna be fine guys!”

  2. Hello Nick,
    Aww man.. “”, damn family-family cool lor, I mean my surname is “GUI” ( commonly interpreted as Graphic User Interface ) but I didnt even think of something creative like man.

    Keep up the interesting ideas and postings, shall always be keeping updated on your interesting events.

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