2007 is the year of Heroes, the year of contention, the year where battles are fought strongly… previously i fought alone… now with dear comrades who stand by my side, we face the onslaught together even when no end is in sight… it feels almost like a last stand every other week…

Orders had to be given, instructions had to be followed, questions could be raised, but answers might not be given… we had to do what we had to do…

We had many victories together and at times humiliating defeats and sometimes the anguish even followed with tears…

I no longer feel alone, because I know there are Heroes amongst the assembly.

A big kudos goes out to G, L, Jacqueline, Jac, Ken, Batman, Anita, Jyostna, MK, Shruti, Hanky Panky, nana, minfavor, zom, YP, Ming, Cocoy, Erika, Cynthia, Tee, Mom, PK, Nouman, Srini and all those who have gone before.

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