Honda Crossroad

Honda Crossroad

Have seen the Honda Crossroad on the streets before and I like it. Yes its boxy, yes is rigid, yes it looks like a fridge on wheels… and i like it… especially in kitchen appliance white. So, we went to have a look at it and the cool part is even Pearl likes it.

Honda Crossroad Front View

Honda Crossroad Side View

Honda Crossroad Black and White

Strange thing is… if I had ALL the money in the world, I would still go for this car… yes over a lambo… yes over a ferrari… etc…

I just like the design of it… Its tight, Its compact… after touching it, sitting in it, checking out the specs… I’m liking it even more. Shucks… but how am i gonna afford it… From what I figure, its going for just under SGD$80k.

More photos here.

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  1. yeah….you said it….haha…but i guess feeling good about the car is important. the white is cool, but not the shape. hehe.

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