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  1. the 2nd phrase is common sense – less done equals more left undone… but how does the 1st phrase work? if you’re doing more how could you be doing less at the same time? more like… If everyone did more, ME could do less! so get others to do more… weee…

  2. If we all did not just strictly stick to our roles, but allow ourselves to also do some thinking and do things smartly, others might have an easier time.

    “Do” can be in the form of thinking or planning, not just being hands on, but then again as it does not really take up extra hands-on time per say, hence it does not feel like you are in a way, not really doing more.

    Eg. If i needed to export an excel file into a text file for you and without much thinking, i can just cut and paste the data into notepad without any delimiter. When you receive the file, you will need more time to format the text. But if i used the same effort to export the data into some kind of delimiter, say CSV format, then it will be much easier for you to manage the data.

    Yes are are right, the logic of the statement might not be perfect, but the meaning can be understood.

    Logic for both of the 2 phrases is the same. your observation of the 1st phrase using your observation of your 2nd phrase would then mean “less done equal more left undone which still needs to get done, even for ME”. ;)

    See if we can work out a formula for this and write a thesis. :)

  3. luv it when the comments are 10x longer then the post!

    haha ok la i noe where u’re comin from….let me summarize…

    “If my colleagues used their brains more they could save me from doing sh*t and wasting time”

    and of cuz the reverse applies. So, you save my time… I save your time… and we all have more time… lol >.<

  4. Giving extracted data without delimiters has good entertainment value man~ :p ok fine… maybe only for the one who’s giving the data >.< lol

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