VW Touran Sport 1.4 TSI

Volkswagen Touran Sport 1.4 TSI

Its time to change our car, hence its shopping time.

Went for a test drive today with wife today and we both had a go at Volkswagen’s Touran Sport 1.4 TSI. It was a surprisingly nice experience.

The interior is super spacious and the built quality looks really really good. German Engineering. :)

The main reason this car is on the top of my list is because of 3 things.

  1. TSI Engine (apparently its an award winning twin charged engine that is super efficient even being 1.4 only)
  2. DSG gearbox (its super smooth to change from one gear to another, can’t even feel it)
  3. Versatile (its spaciousness make the car really functional, especially when i’ve got 2 kids)

I’m hoping to get it before Christmas. Lets see what happens.

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  1. Hey Nick, I am eyeing on this car as well since my 3rd kid is coming soon. What’s the price they quoted you? I read somewhere that is is around 90+K. A little expensive for a 1.4L car.

    Take a look Diahatsu Terios 7 Seater and Honda Freed as well, both are less than 1.6L. Price is around 70K

    Also, Straitimes is giving away this car for free to celebration their 130+yrs anniversary. Check out Straitstime.


  2. Also, do you realised that all of you will have to wear a helmet if you were to get this car? :) – YC

  3. Hi Nick,
    just ordered one a few days ago- fearful that coe will continue to rise. My wife and I looked at it for exactly the same reasons as yours!

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