Sandy Lam concert 08 Singapore

Many might not know, but i’m a big Sandy Lam fan. To me she have the best asian female vocal till date. Just went to her ’08 Concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium and it was a fantastic experience.

Listening to her voice and songs since 1990, now seeing her sing live is really a surreal experience. I basically grew up with her songs and when some of the songs were sung, fond memories of my younger days came back to me.

The following song was THE song i was listening to when i visited Japan for the first time in the early 90s. I remember holding on to my Aiwa Walkman with this song playing while walking down Shinsaibashi in Osaka looking at the girls walk by. For those who can’t read the Chinese title, it means something like “the girl that walks down the street”.

The following song is also very popular.

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