EC203 Exam Tips

The Exam tips given by my EC203 lecturer.

EC203 – Final Exam Tips

Tip #1
Don’t panic. – Panic causes noise and may disturb other students. Invigilators have also complained about stress caused by hysterical students.

If you must panic, please do so quietly.

Tip #2 Bring a spare pen or pencil. – If using a pencil, make sure you bring a pencil sharpener.

Don’t get caught by a broken pencil, and not having a pencil sharpener available. This has caused students to panic, thus disturbing others (see Tip #1).

Tip #3 – Think happy thoughts.

Positive thinking may not improve your exam result, but it does help you stay in control, thus avoiding embarrassment in front of your peers.

This has gotta be my fave unit for the semester.

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