why this site so plain ah?

Molly Holzschlag once said “Content is King” in Web by Design: The Complete Guide and i believe that this term is familiar with many. But does that mean a plain site like mine is considered good? What is good? What is successful?

It is common knowledge that success is a subjective term, but still there must be some form of measurement in order to come to a logical and feasible assessment. For me, I try to achieve flexibility, and maintainability, to be able to adopt different designs and layouts in a short amount of time. Content must be separated from presentation and the entire site must exist independently with out the need for FTP, WYSIWYG editors, or any specific tools. I want to know that I can revamp my entire site at any internet café or any computer that has a connection and a browser.

Would you go to a restaurant for a month and order the same food all the time? Lets say the restaurant is really good, they got the best… I think you got my point…

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