the room

the room
our room in perth

The day will come when my wife and i will start to miss this room that we have spent so many hours in. The room that we blogged daily from, the room that we spent our time doing our assignments, the room that seemed small at first, the room that had a single bed which forced us to sleep closer together.

In this room we grew a little and got to know each other even more when we just got married. The laughter, the joy, the tears and the understanding. I thank God for the kind of lifestyle that we can enjoy now and i think it might be his way of rewarding us for surviving the 2 years of long distance relationship from 95 to 97. Some people don’t even have a roof over their heads and here we are experiencing God’s blessing upon us.

The sun is rising now and pearl is sound asleep, i think i better go to bed and join her in our luxurious mini bed.

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