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brenda told me about Movable Type (mt) and i have to say mt is one champion of a blogging ware, here are some of its features you always wanted on your blog.

  • Multiple output templates — enables one-click publishing to multiple destinations and formats: XML RSS headlines from your site, HTML indexes, etc.
  • Support for multiple weblogs/journals.
  • Entry categorization — group your entries into categories for your own reference, for archiving purposes, and for display in your blog.
  • Built-in comment system — allow your visitors to post comments on your entries and engage in conversations. Movable Type supports comments either inline in your blog, or in popup windows; it also allows you to selectively exclude commenting on certain posts.
  • Integration of file and image uploads — upload files and images and seamlessly integrate them into new posts.
  • Bookmarklets — post to your site from anywhere on the web, without entering the Movable Type system.
  • Pre-date or post-date entries — Movable Type allows you to override an entry’s date stamp.

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