The events in the world have started me to re-think the concept of freedom. Does freedom belong to everyone?

Freedom comes to me as a social responsibility, cuz I think we gotta be responsible for our actions and make sure that what ever that we do in the name of freedom would not oppress the freedom of others, else wouldn’t that be so hypocritical and ironical?

I believe freedom comes at a cost, if you support freedom of speech, then don’t bitch about people hurling abuses at you. If you support the freedom to posses weapons, then don’t complain when your 7 year old daughter is killed in a playground by a lunatic having fun in a random drive pass spray of ammunition.

So if freedom comes at a cost would you be prepared to take up that cost while raving about the importance of freedom? How ready are we? Freedom is so overrated and people are so taking it for granted.

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