To the background of gentle Bossa Nova raindrops I close my eyes and see a woman in white looking up to the sky while moving to the pitter patter in a soulful mood. Allowing the rain to fall on her face as she embraces heaven.

What makes a woman woman? And what is femininity?

I like the way a woman moves, from the old peranakan lady pulling her little market trolley crossing the streets in Katong to the sophisticated woman in power suits and tight skirts strolling along Shenton Way during lunch time.

I like the perseverance of woman, the single mothers bringing their kid to pre school before going to work and picking them up after work, the intelligent wife supporting their seasonal egoistic husbands, the spinster who works hard to save up for a lonely retirement, the hardworking student copying down lecture notes while having a bad day of period cramps.

Femininity is not just looking good and behaving classy, but to me its more like a similar trait that all woman have. The attention to detail, the sensitivity, the shyness, the unending quest to look nicer and many others.

Woman are to be respected, appreciated and loved.

11 Replies to “Femininity”

  1. Your entries make me think a lot, and this one has left me thinking again. “Respected, appreciated and loved”. *curtsy* :)

  2. speaking of things bossanova (and totally evading the subject of your entry), have you heard the music of bebel gilberto?

  3. I wrote about The Vagina Monologues on my website not too long ago. It really makes one think as to what a woman really is, and we can only shake our heads at how we’ve degraded, degenerated so beautiful a helpmate.

  4. Bullshit! all of you pretenders!…what women really desires are to be put in the right place…and that calls for some lovin’ spankin baby!…yeah…you know what i’m talking about…get that whip and paddle out and spank out the nearest babe…no! not your mom, dumb ass!…

  5. what is women….and femininity? they are human beings after all lah…..but more sensitive, show more feeling….etc then men…i guess. it is hard to know what women wants and how they would reach in certain situations, but i guess it is nature……

    i agree as women are to be respected and appreciated and loved. as women are also part of nature…….without them the world would be inbalance…..

    however, everything has a limit…i think……so how much respect, appreciation and love to give a women is up to you….men….as part of a women’s femininity is confusion of what they want……

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