Death in Contentment

Of late, my state of mind has been somewhat loitering in the vicinity of nirvana. I don’t seem to see the next step after contentment.

From our schooling days, we were told to study well in order to get a good grade. If we got a B, lets try for an A, if we got an A lets try for an A star, since we can get a star, why not try for a perfect score? It’s the same when we are released into the commercial world of employers and employees, we try to get promoted and get a better salary, if that’s not enough, lets start a business of our own.


There seem to be a progressive trend in all this. We set out goals and after achieving those goals, we create new goals to achieve, but can we ever come to the end of this achievement pattern? Can we ever be contented? If so, what is after contentment?

*pause for dramatic effect*

Heaven in my faith is the final resting place, a place of complete bliss, a place where hope is no longer needed, a place of reward for those who have done well in their lives, a place for the faithful. But then what is the next destination after heaven?


If life is a process, a journey for experiences, then there must be a destination in this process. Can the end be in the process or can the end be but a process?

*pause for recollection of thoughts*

If its true that we are actually trapped in a process of never ending achievements, trapped in a journey of repetition, trapped in a cycle of social economical propaganda, then wouldn’t succumbing to it be throwing away the key. Wouldn’t we need to rethink our value system? Wouldn’t something out of the norm set us free?

There is death in contentment. But then death may not be the end of it all.

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  1. hmm, sometimes words may just become trickery in our attempts to explain this world. syntax-wise, it is quantifiable, arguable. you can never be completely sure of something, just as if you attempt to comprehend, u can always understand some part of it. sometimes, you completely understand and are overwhelmed. other times, you are just absolutely clueless.

    grades, yardsticks are simply means of measurement. you can’t measure some things, for example ten people may read the same book but not all of them will have the same experience, or learn anything valuable (if there is any)

    going by personal values, the world has gradually evolved into a circle, and end is a beginning, which is also an end in itself, its not a play with words, sometimes thinking is just thinking, or doing, we try to comprehend, maybe we shouldn’t, we can, sometimes we can’t, its all just one big circle, we try, sometimes we don’t.. life is just filled with the unexplainable. just experience.

  2. The Truth shall set you free. *laughs* Just added to your utter confusion there didn’t I. Life isn’t just about achievements as defined by society (good grades, high pay etc). It’s about finding truth, sticking to it, fighting for it, dying for it. Heaven is hardly an end. It’s the beginning of taking your place in creation as bestowed upon you by God.

    How abundant that grace. See. Not with, but through the eye.

  3. I agree with both alfe and Quest. Actually the key phrase/question i wanted to put across was “Wouldn’t something out of the norm set us free?” hmmm… i think i should go back and bold that line… i’m so full of crap… ;D

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