Added a snail pix to the main page. hmm… a bit no meaning… but i think its nice. ;D I took this picture at NTU on a rainy morning in Dec 2001. (btw I don’t study at NTU)

Do give me some comments on the pix.

18 Replies to “Snail”

  1. The snail kinda reminds me how lonely we can be. Kind of a natural feeling for us humans. Nice use of fonts wit it too,

  2. hmm .. nothing compared to my snail … i saw the biggest snail i ever saw in my whole life. with white body and HUGE shell…. its cute but im so scared it will be trodden upon. Oh, back to the pic, its nice… i like this snail’s shell.

  3. snails…mmm…very delicious when cook with chili…my taste buds are tingling with escargot sensations….

  4. yo nick, what’s the hosting service you’re using now? different host like you recommended? it looks like a steal!

  5. hmm where did the snail finally go? Do they dissolve after the rain stop? How come there are so many snails after the rain? Are they made from mud + water?


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