Sleep well

The world comes to a stop
While her cries are the only sounds left
Picking her up, comforting her
That’s all I could do

I try to communicate
But words are useless

It seems that a mind that is peaceful
a love that is calm and
a soothing confident rhythm
can make that bad dream go away

7 Replies to “Sleep well”

  1. Ermm, is it me or has the world left me behind? ISnt it the 13th today?

    SO…the world did come to a stop huh?

    the same thing happened when i was updating my bank book! I was so sure that it was 10 Feb but the bank book printed the date as 11 Feb!!

  2. well…..looks like the Pan production is about to begin….gentlemen start you engine…heeheehee
    i is going to be a whole new experience and a new begining for both of you…….best wishes…

  3. heard about ikonboard recently? the creator Matt specifically made it his agenda to not charge for ikonboard, but the company he affiliated ikonboard with decided to charge for usage. He got upset and left along with a HUGE following of ikonboard users. Started his own forum at

    I feel his pain when I imagine myself creating a wonderful product and some big company rips the blueprints off me making tons and I get almost peanuts for it.

  4. I wrote this little poem because of a recent trip to Genting Highland in Malaysia where i was baby siting a little cousin of Pearl’s. She woke up in the middle of the night and wanted her mom, Pearl & I had to calm her down and put her back to sleep, it was an amazing experience, i felt just like a father. ;D

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