back in Perth

Pearl & myself are back in Perth. Its our last semester here in Curtin.

Since we have been away from Perth for a few months, we were not able to pay our bills in Perth. Our phone line has been disconnected, our mobiles are barred and a few other things. Its the first time i have ever seen so many letters with my name on it with red words on them. The only way to access the net would be from school. Now gotta clean up the house a bit, buy some groceries, change the bed sheets…

Anyway… my school has revamped their website from this to this, it looks pretty cool to me.

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  1. Welcome back to perth… hope you have a great final semester!

    check this out … new digicam technology – manufacturers are not going back to CCD sensors for digicams – this new Foveon X3 sensor produces images “to match the quality of slide scans”! It’s all over the news and digital photography websites…

  2. haven’t really seen you guys around in singapore the past few weeks… you all must have been busy! anyway have a good time back in aussieland… *smile*

  3. well….what do you think….you and pearl have been away for 3 months
    you think the utilities company would keep the things connected without paying….hahahahahaha….dream on man….

    but glad that you are back……

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