Security Implications of a Wireless LAN

Got an essay due in 2 weeks time and its about the Security Implications of a Wireless LAN. If any knowledgable soul have tons of info on this… urm… like… you know… can… give me some insight? ;D Anyway, the essay topic is as follows…

Curtin Business School (CBS) is presently evaluating the possibility of upgrading its local area network by using wireless technology. You have been hired to write a report on the security implications of implementing a wireless local area network. Please note, staff working from home will use modems to connect to the wireless LAN.

I know either NTU or NUS have such a setup already.

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  1. Thanks alot, the materials are definitely helpful. My assignment would be due next week… anyway I think this issue is definitely going to be a hot topic for the next few years when everything starts going wireless. But the sad thing is, people usually have a reactive approach to security when they detect a breach.

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