Cooking nickpan style

I believe I can cook, but when Pearl test me in the kitchen, I have never failed to be such a disgrace. My excuse is her kind of cooking is different from mine, my food just taste different and also look different, it’s a guys kinda food, but that does not mean I can’t cook. hmm… about 9 years together with Pearl in the kitchen and my skill level is still about the same. haha…

Pearl can’t figure out why, I can’t figure out why too. She say if I can follow instructions and install MovableType, she see no reason why following a recipe book is any different. haha… she has a point there. I think my brain just can’t develop that section that is needed for the kitchen. But I really love cooking and also the washing up.

If you have got a house and a nice kitchen (stainless steel everything, exquisite tableware, kitchenware from Crate and Barel) pls do drop us an e-mail and we would love to go over and cook. We can’t wait to have our own kitchen.

10 Replies to “Cooking nickpan style”

  1. cooking is fun… but not the washing up…

    but I guess I gotta do tat in the future *looks at kling*

  2. you can’t cook, yet your wife can…my suggestion is, kick back, relax, have a cuppa, and wait till dinner is served…how hard can that be?

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  4. Well….i don’t think you can cook..heeheehee!!! but i am sure that youc an wash up…
    so please the cooking to pearl and just enjoy the food……then you can wash up later….

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