busy busy

Silly me, i went to shift 3 websites to DifferentHost all at the same time and put all of them in “coming soon” mode. hiaz… my planning really sucks.

I’ve still got 2 sites for my part-time work, Vertical Rush’s new site which i can’t wait to do cuz its a band and i’ve never done a band’s website before. I also want to revamp my online resume.

Oh did i mention i got school assignments and projects too. darn i’m going crazy.

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  1. dude, I’ve been spinning out lately, just coughed out blood this morning – there’s a wound in my throat or something. sigh, I can’t talk or make any noise or else my throat hurts… prayerfully, it’ll heal. apart from this disaster, there’s the school assignments and so forth too… no time to even blog!

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