Proud owner of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Original PC version

AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Original THPS3!!! I’m still stoked on THPS2!!! I so almost bought a PS2 because of THPS3, thank God it came out on PC. Can you believe it, my beloved wife actually bought this for me! This is like the ultimate gift! I’ve been talking about it since it came out on PS2 and i recently heard its out on PC, just happen to past by a PC game shop and its there, new release, just out, Pearl took it, went to the counter, paid for it (while my shock is still not yet over), handed it to me and i suddenly owned it!

*sob* i’m so touched… *sob*

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  1. Pearl must have really love the father of her child…U!! Lucky man!!

    U & pearl are such a perfect couple…=)

  2. pearl and u are just so sweet :) haha u should do something to make her feel happy! buy down the whole season of pretty maternity wear!

  3. what is the game abt? take a few pics of it leh. :P

    “buy down the whole season of pretty maternity wear!”

    tat is a veri good suggestion… haha

  4. Pearl bought u a gift, and what did you do for her? Give her morning sickness! You ungrateful man!

  5. can u put thps3 on this site with a crack 2 download it.
    i want thps3 couze on thug2 they say its better than thug2 plz do it anwer back plz

  6. hey all thps games are back online with ps2 and pc but with a diffrent ip so go to for all info cheats and more to get you back online with others

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